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Convenience and efficiency

Control your app in hands-free mode. Enter data with voice and NFC sensors. It takes less than 15 seconds to make a note. Works without internet coverage.

Friendly terms

If you are beekeeping with up to 5 bee colonies, you can use our Starter Plan for free. With our Standard Plan work with up to 500 colonies and multi-user access.

Local community and support

Become a part of our community. Access our staff for support and share experience with your fellow beekeepers in our forum.


Life-cycle management of queen bees and colonies.

  • Keep records of origin of colonies and queen bees
  • Record status of colonies and queen bees
  • Keep notes on varroa treatment
  • Record the amount of collected honey and pollen
  • Keep records of reasons for closing colonies
Colony values Colony events Colony review

Keep full records of apiaries and hives, create your own numbering system.

  • Create and close apiaries and hives
  • Review empty / ocuppied hives and their location
  • Create automatic or manual numbering of hives and colonies
  • Keep track of hives by scanning their NFC tags
  • Create and monitor to-dos and events at the apiary and hive level
Apiary Hives

Planning and recording tasks / notes tailored to seasons using voice, NFC hive tags and manual data entry.

  • Review and visits and other events
  • Collect data using manual entry, voice recordings and by scanning NFC tags
  • Create and monitor tasks at the apiary and colony level
Apiary list Colony events

User-friendly and efficient work in the apiary and at home, access to user instructions and support in the application.

  • Mobile app with several options for data entry: manual, voice (speech-to-text) and NFC tags
  • Web portal for data analysis, records of previous seasons and downloading reports
  • Multilingual app
  • User support and instructions right in the app
Web portal


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    Sign up

    Create a user account and get access to the BeeKing web portal with our free Starter Plan to manage up to 5 bee colonies.

    This plan is great for those of us who enjoy beekeeping as a hobby but also for professional beekeepers since it gives a chance try out all the BeeKing features on a small number of colonies without any time limits. To work with up to 500 colonies, please subscribe to our Standard Plan.

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    Get mobile app

    Please get and install the app, enter your credentials and use all the Starter Plan features on your mobile phone. To download the app please click to go to the Google Play store (BeeKing mobile app currently is available only for Android phones).

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    Log in for review and planning

    When you are back from working in the apiary, log in to the web portal on your PC or tablet. Review all your beeyards, notes and tasks at leisure while enjoying a cup of your favourite drink.

    If, having taken BeeKing for a spin, you find that you are ready to use it for managing more than 5 colonies, please upgrade to our Standard Plan which lets you work with up to 500 colonies. For questions and recommendations feel free to contact us at info@beeking.eu.


The Standard Plan gives full access to BeeKing and allows to work with up to 500 bee colonies. If you work with more colonies please contact us at info@beeking.eu and we will find an individual solution.

Add NFC tags to your order. They can be attached to hives and make working in the apiary much more efficient. Click on the picture of the tag to learn more.

To be sure that BeeKing fits your needs, please sign up for our free Starter Plan and use it for up to 5 bee colonies without time limits.

If you have any questions or suggestions

Please send an email to info@beeking.eu and we'll be in touch with you.

Download the mobile application

The mobile app is currently available only for Android devices

* Only Android Kitkat (v. 4.4) or newer versions are supported


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