Hello, beekeeper!

We are pleased that the apiary's records are important to you, and confident that BeeKing will provide you with new beekeeping opportunities



For more productive and convenient work

Hands-free mode

You can now record observations and actions on your phone in audio form – no need to write them down in a notebook

Voice commands

Audio recording is initiated by your voice command and stops recording after a certain time.

Audio converts to text

Audio recordings are automatically converted to text and available for further processing on the Internet portal



Do more

Improve the productivity of beekeeping by using the apiary note-taking application - BeeKing!

BeeKing is a digital note-taking and work planning application developed in Latvia. It is designed to improve the work of beekeepers and to promote the sustainable use of natural resources used in beekeeping. It consists of an Internet portal and mobile application.

BeeKing is available in Latvian and English. You can download and try the mobile app for free, but its full functionality is available only to registered users.

Recording of observations and actions

The mobile application is used to record voice (audio) notes in the apiary, in hands-free mode.

The mobile application supplements the Internet portal and is primarily intended for work in the apiary, for recording and viewing the tasks to be performed. All records automatically upload onto the Internet portal, where all information about the apiary, hives, observations and tasks to be completed is collected and managed.

The mobile application is straightforward and easy to use, including in hands-free mode. It has been developed in cooperation with experienced beekeepers taking into account their needs and work processes.



The Internet portal is designed to process the notes and organise tasks from your computer.

All notes made in an apiary through the mobile application automatically upload onto the Internet portal where the user collects and manages all information about the apiary, hives, observations and work to be done.

Support and exchange of experience

The forum is designed to support BeeKing users, as well as interaction with each other on beekeeping topics.

The link to the forum is available after the user has been authorised on the mobile or Internet application.



  • A
    New user

    If this is your first introduction to BeeKing, go to the SIGN UP section and create a new user account. After signing up, go to Google Play to download the mobile app and follow the instructions. Each new user receives a 30-day free trial period.

  • B
    Finish registration and try it out

    If you've already downloaded the BeeKing mobile app on your phone - finish signing up in the SIGN UP section before using it.

  • C

    If you wish to continue using BeeKing after your trial period has expired, please go to the PLANS section and choose the right plan for you.


If you have any questions

Send an email to info@beeking.eu and we'll be happy to assist you.

Download the mobile application

The mobile app is currently available only for Android devices

* Only Android Kitkat (v. 4.4) or newer versions are supported